In May 2018, the village of Modbury in Devon implemented a risk management scheme designed to protect the village from serious flooding. This came after the village experienced its worst flooding in recent history in July 2012. During this month around 27 homes and businesses were flooded and the A379 became impassable.

The company contracted to carry out the installation of drainage solutions was Wills Bros Civil Engineering. In order to properly complete the project they required the design and supply of custom security/trash screens to fit two existing headwalls in Ayleston Park. Therefore, Devon County Council asked JKH Drainage to supply drain grating for these headwalls.


  • Client: Devon County Council
  • Location: Ayleston Park, Modbury, Devon PL21 0SA
  • Project Type: Design and Supply of Custom Drain Grating

Scope of Works

  • Our clients contacted us to discuss the options for custom drain grating needed to cover the headwalls in Ayleston Park.
  • We discussed with the client what size and design of grating they needed. In the end we made the decision that we would supply two custom GMS gratings based on the specified requirements.
  • Each bespoke cranked grating came with a GRP catwalk section, hinged access and fixings as well as installation guides.
  • We supplied the two custom gratings to Wills Bros Civil Engineering who fixed them to each of the headwalls along with the catwalk, hinged access and fixings.

Critical Issues

There were a couple of issues that occurred during the installation process. A few of the bolts and clips that we had supplied were lost on site. However, we were able to quickly send out replacements for these parts at no extra charge.

End Result

The two drain gratings we supplied were both successfully installed on site by Wills Bros Civil Engineering with no further issues reported.

The team completed the entire project by November 2018 and well within budget.

Special Gratings and Steelworks

We can design a wide range of bespoke steel products based on the specifications of our clients. Some of our previous bespoke projects include:

  • A large custom cranked grating designed to protect a 1500 mm flap valve in one of our headwalls. The headwall, flap valve, cranked grating and handrail were all delivered together to ensure quick installation on site.
  • A double cranked grating made of several parts bolted together for easy installation on site. Also featured a GRP safety mesh and central access hatch.

In addition, here are just some of the options for custom gratings and steelworks we have available to meet our client’s needs:

  • Galvanised steel catwalks with handrails manufactured to any size you need.
  • Cranked grating with access hatches, ladders, and provision for locking points.


Here at JKH Ltd we design and construct a range of precast concrete and steel for any project. We can work with you to design the best drainage solution for your needs. To find out more about our range of bespoke steel grating products please visit us online or get in touch with our expert team via phone today.

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