Conventional Weir

Conventional and V-Notch Weirs constructed from pre-cast panels and support legs. Bolted together on site.

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End Walls

Cost-effective end walls for most sizes of piped ditch road crossings.

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Water Control Headwall

Precast concrete headwall for controlling the water levels in dykes.

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Weirs Walls & End Walls

If you are trying to control the flow of water in a channel or river, you will need to install the correct weir or end wall. Weir walls help restrict the flow of water and adjust the level of waterways. On the other hand, end walls allow water to flow safely underneath while protecting the road above. Both concrete weirs and end walls help prevent the effects of flooding and erosion on nearby land.

At JKH we supply the best quality concrete weir walls and end walls for different kinds of waterways. We have the right solution for any budget, from conventional weir walls to culvert end walls. We have all you need to control the flow of water in your area. Therefore, here are some of our options for weirs and end walls.

Our Concrete Weirs and End Walls

When it comes to concrete weir walls and end walls, we can provide the following:

  • Weirs – Available as conventional weirs or vee notch weirs with big L supports. Conventional weirs use supports with a concrete base across the water course bed. They also allow for the use of slip boards to control water levels. Vee notch weirs use a centre panel with a V-shaped notch cut out to slow down the flow of water. Both use big L supports made of reinforced concrete and are held in place with two 24mm dia. tensile steel bolts.
  • End Walls – Available as lagoon strainer walls or culvert end walls with big L supports. Lagoon strainer walls are meant for slurry lagoons and use modified supports mounted on a strong foundation and slatted panels for easy pumping. Culvert end walls use supports and panels to protect water pipes under road crossings up to a depth of 3 metres.
  • Water Control Headwall – A pre-cast unit made from reinforced concrete designed to control the amount of water flowing underneath. Features three standard widths: 1070 mm, 1375 mm and 1680 mm. Additional slides can be installed to accommodate concrete wall panels and safety grating to prevent any accidental entry into the pipe.

Please take a look at each of our options listed to find out more

Other Products

In addition to our weir walls and end walls, we also supply various concrete products. We also offer silt traps for the removal of contaminants from drainage systems as well as steel gratings for preventing anything from entering drainage pipes. We also offer memorial bases for keeping memorials and headstones firmly in place. Read through some of our case studies to discover more about our products and how they’ve benefitted clients in the past.


Here at JKH Ltd we have been delivering concrete products to Suffolk industries for more than 50 years. Please contact us today to order our weir and end wall products, as well as any of our other concrete solutions. Choose JKH Ltd today for the highest quality reinforced concrete products in Suffolk.

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