GRC Silt Trap Inlets

Light weight silt traps in GRC for pipes up to 360mm OD.

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Type X Silt Trap Inlet

A two-piece reinforced concrete unit with hinged grating and generous silt capacity. Any size of pipe opening up to a maximum of 750mm O.D.

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Two Piece Heavy duty silt trap

Sturdy reinforced concrete structures for use on larger diameter pipes and ideally suited for use in water courses with higher velocities of water flow.

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If you’re looking at silt traps for drainage, look no further than JKH Ltd. With over 50 years of experience in the trade, our comprehensive range of heavy-duty silt traps are engineered with only the most robust precast concrete and steel to ensure that they stand the test of time, time and again, and without breaking the bank.

Our Range

At JKH, our range of quality one and two-piece silt traps offer hinged gratings, with generous capacities to suit all drainage requirements. Available in rapid lead times, we supply light weight silt traps, Type X options, and large drainage solutions up to a maximum pipe opening of 1500mm, ensuring you can manage stormwater with ease. Additionally, we can supply extension sections to increase the height of our two-piece heavy duty silt traps should you need to.

What are Silt Traps?

Silt traps for drainage are basin like devices placed upstream from a soakaway crate or sewer system. The purpose of a silt trap is to keep substances with the potential to cause blockages, such as silt, soil, sediment, or pieces of metal from entering your water drainage system. They do this by temporarily collecting water in the trap, allowing the silt to settle at the bottom of the basin. After this the trap releases the water minus the silt and allows it to flow through into the drainage system.

How Do Silt Traps for Drainage Work?

While there are many different types of silt traps, they all operate based on the same principle. Before entering the drainage system, the water is directed into the catch pit drainage system. As the trap fills with water, the silt settles at the bottom, below the invert of the pipe. When the water reaches the level of the pipe, it leaves the silt trap, and the silt behind, while it continues to the drainage system.

You can make silt traps using bricks or precast concrete. However, these can be unreliable. We would always recommend a prefabricated silt trap. Our silt traps are designed with the exact purpose in mind and are available with more advanced filtration systems that can catch even finer silt particles.

We’re not just a Silt Trap Supplier…

JKH is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pre-cast concrete drainage solutions. As a result of this, our expertise enables us to supply high-quality drainage outfalls, underground chambers, memorial bases and much more- all available at competitive prices and excellent lead times.

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Here at JKH we are a UK-leading manufacturer when it comes to a range of precast concrete solutions. In a world that is rapidly seeing increasing instances of storms and flooding, ensuring you are equipped with high quality silt traps is a step you can take to ensure your water storage systems are protected.

For more information about how we can assist, pricing, technical specification, or guidance on the options available to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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