Bespoke Steel Trash Screens

Published: 30th June 2021

Not everybody has a use for culvert trash screens, but if you do, you’ll know just how essential they are. Because it’s so versatile and adaptable, steel grating is used by a number of industries in a range of situations. From water treatment to shelving, it’s a product that’s become indispensable for a wide range of sectors.

Here at JKH Ltd we’re specialists in the design and manufacture of gratings, silt traps, steelwork and more. We understand how vital these products are to organisations both large and small. That’s why we make sure that everything we supply is of the highest quality. Read on to discover more about where steel grating and culvert trash screens are used.

Common Applications for Steel Grating: Culvert Trash Screens to Loading Ramps


For drainage solutions and sump covers, steel grating is the go-to product. It can be fabricated to withstand either pedestrian or motorised traffic. At the same time, it allows the free flow of water or other liquids.


Catwalks can be found in all kinds of premises, from factories to theatres. They provide easy access to difficult areas, such as a lighting rig above a stage. Commonly fitted with handrails, they offer a safe and secure solution. Because it’s both strong and light, steel grating is a practical and cost-effective option for catwalks.

Special cranked grating

Cranked gratings

Watercourse and culvert trash screens are often in the form of cranked gratings. These prevent running water from becoming blocked by unwanted debris such as household waste or leaves.

Cranked and double cranked gratings are available in a range of sizes to suit every kind of situation. They can also be designed to include access hatches, ladders and catwalks. Commonly manufactured in several parts, they can be bolted together quickly and easily on site.


Steel grating is the ideal shelving material for storing a wide range of items. Because it allows the free flow of air, it’s especially suitable for the storage of perishable goods. It can also be fabricated to higher tolerances to store heavy parts or machinery.

For more information, or to find out how JKH Ltd can help you with your project, get in touch with our team today.

Why are Concrete Weir Walls so Important?

Published: 16th June 2021

A weir is a small dam built across a body of water, such as a river. We use them to help control the flow of water. Weirs can help raise the water level so that boats can pass through, and they can also reduce the flow of water to prevent flooding. So, it is vital that you have a strong concrete weir wall in order to effectively control the flow. There are several different types of weirs in use so it is crucial to know how each controls the flow of water. Here are the different types of weirs and why concrete weir walls are so important.


What are Metal Trash Screens Used For?

Published: 2nd June 2021

Metal trash screens are an essential element of most water processing sites, both large and small. Without them, the risk of flooding is increased significantly. Their function is to prevent blockages and keep water flowing as it should. But, there’s a lot more to it than that. Different situations require different solutions, and the design and manufacture of metal trash screens are a specialised field.


Headstone Bases: Maintaining the Structure of a Memorial

Published: 26th May 2021

When laying a loved one to rest we want to be sure that their memorial will last for many years to come. Yet, many headstone bases end up giving way, leading to memorials and headstones that end up crooked and leaning over. Cemeteries are full of memorials sitting at strange angles or, in the worst cases, fallen over. But, some memorials never have this problem and remain sturdy and upright throughout the years. Why do these memorials remain stable while others collapse? How can we keep headstones at the right level? Here are some reasons why headstone bases give way and advice on how best to maintain their structure.


Why Do We Need Headwall Drainage?

Published: 25th March 2021

When you have a drainage pipe designed to discharge water, it is best to install a headwall drainage outlet. Headwalls make sure that the water flow does not erode the pipe or any surrounding area. In addition, they provide support for bridges, roads and other structures while allowing water to pass through without any barriers. So, what places are you most likely to find the use of headwalls? Also, what are the main benefits of installing one? (more…)

Choosing The Perfect Drainage Outfall For Your Project

Published: 9th March 2021

To protect the end of your drainage pipe from the effects of discharging water, you need to have the right drainage outfalls. Drainage outfalls help guard the pipe and adjacent structures from erosion or damage from water pressure. They also increase the efficiency of the drainage pipes, directing the flow of water whilst reducing turbulence. Outfalls can vary based on material used as well as overall design. As such, it is important to make sure that the outfall you choose is the right one for your project. Read on to learn more about the range of outfalls that JKH Drainage can offer you.


Why Do I Need A Silt Trap?

Published: 6th November 2020

Silt traps are an essential element of any efficient surface water run-off system. When silt from draining surface water gets into a drainage system it can affect its ability to function properly. Clogged pipes or silted soakaways can cause a build-up of this surface water. In the worst cases significant surface flooding can occur, and often the drainage system will need replacing. This is not only costly but unnecessary, and can be avoided using efficient silt traps.


Choosing the Right Inspection Chambers for Your Drainage Project

Published: 25th October 2020

Drainage is a very important concern within any property. Not only will implementing the right solution help to prevent damage, but it will also ensure that problems can be solved without spending a great deal of money. This is why inspection chambers may be required in order to address any existing issues. (more…)

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce membership

Published: 15th July 2020

We are now members of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

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Covid-19 Safety

Published: 10th July 2020

We are committed to protecting our staff and customers, and are closely following the government’s safety guidance.


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