Standard Grating Designs

J.K.H. manufacture a range of gratings to cover all sizes of pipes, including to SFA Sewers For Adoption standard. Gratings are mainly used to stop debris, people and animals from entering pipes. Sloped and cranked gratings are used in areas with high levels of debris, as they are more resistant to blockages, or to protect flap valves.

Manufactured in mild steel, hot dip galvanized and provided with suitable brackets for mounting directly to the headwall structure. Special gratings made to customers specifications can be manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel on request.



Close Coupled Grating

Close Coupled Grating

Used as a cost effective debris and safety screen, stopping unauthorised access into pipes.

Sloped Grating

Sloped Grating

Used as a debris screen on the upstream end of a pipe where there is a higher change of blockage. The sloped grating has a higher surface area and allows debris to be pushed up its face by the flow, reducing the chance of blockage. The sloped design can easily be raked.

Cranked Grating

Used to protect flap valves from damage and vandalism, or to allow raked up debris to drain before removal.

SFA spec grating

SFA Grating

Used on headwalls that will be adopted by the local water authority. These heavy duty hinged gratings are made to the Sewers For Adoption 7th edition guide lines.

Hinged CC Grating

Hinged Close Coupled Grating

Used as a cost effective debris and safety screen where regular access is required. These have padlock points to allow quick access.

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