Silt traps are an essential element of any efficient surface water run-off system. When silt from draining surface water gets into a drainage system it can affect its ability to function properly. Clogged pipes or silted soakaways can cause a build-up of this surface water. In the worst cases significant surface flooding can occur, and often the drainage system will need replacing. This is not only costly but unnecessary, and can be avoided using efficient silt traps.

JKH Ltd are specialists in providing high quality drainage equipment, from standard products to fully bespoke solutions. Read on to learn more about how silt traps work, along with some of the products available from JKH Ltd.

silt traps for drainage

Trapping silt effectively

Silt is the enemy of any efficient drainage operation, so preventing it from entering the system is key. Silt traps come in many forms depending on the circumstances, but all work to the same principal. The trap is the first point of contact for water as it enters the drainage system. As water fills the trap, the silt will naturally sink to the bottom, below the invert of the pipe. When the water reaches the level of the outlet pipe, it is free to flow into the drainage system leaving the silt behind.

One of the most important things to consider when installing a silt trap is the need for maintenance. When a trap itself becomes clogged up with silt, it ceases to be effective. An access point will need to be included so that silt can be removed when it begins to build up. For smaller silt traps this often involves the removal of the silt bucket. However, in the case of larger traps the silt may be sucked out using specialist or agricultural equipment.

Products available from JKH Ltd

GRC Silt Trap Inlet

This is a lightweight trap made from glass fibre reinforced concrete, suitable for pipes up to 360mm OD. It is suitable for most situations involving a piped ditch inlet, and is particularly suitable for use with plastic drain pipes. JKH offer a two-piece square back GRC silt trap for easy handling in difficult conditions and a curved back GRC silt trap which will accept pipes at a range of angles. These products are ideal for agricultural use. GRC silt traps are supplied with a hinged galvanized metal trash screen.

Type X Silt Trap Inlet:

Made from steel reinforced concrete, this is a one-piece unit suitable for pipes up to a maximum of 750mm OD. Offering generous silt capacity, this unit is supplied with a hinged galvanized metal trash screen. This heavy duty trap should be installed on a level base, such as dry mixed concrete. Therefore, the units will need to be lifted in separately.

Two Piece Heavy Duty Silt Trap

Constructed from steel reinforced concrete, this trap is ideal for use on larger diameter pipes. It is particular suited for use in situations where water flow is at higher velocities. The unit is provided with a heavy duty galvanised weed screen.

If you’re looking for a high quality and effective pre-cast concrete drainage solution, here at JKH Ltd we have the knowledge and experience to provide it. Take a look at our products, and feel free to give us a call for more information.

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