As the demand for housing and commercial spaces increases, so too will the need for effective drainage solutions. One efficient method for draining excess water away is by installing concrete soakaways. While soakaways have been around for a while, those made from precast concrete have several benefits over traditional ones. So what are concrete soakaways? How do they work and why do we need them? Here is a guide to everything you need to know about precast soakaways.

Concrete Soakaway

What is a Soakaway Chamber

Traditionally, a soakaway is a ditch or pit into which excess water would flow and soak into the ground. They were often filled with soil and gravel, which was effective in most cases. However, eventually these soakaways would fill up with debris which would block the water from entering. Precast concrete soakaways eliminate this problem as they are built to withstand a heavy amount of water without the risk of being clogged by debris. Precast soakaways are an efficient and eco-friendly way to ensure water does not build up around the property but flows back into the soil.

How do Concrete Soakaways Work?

The main purpose of a soakaway is to make sure any excess water drains away so the immediate area does not flood. The soakaway needs to be constructed in a pit that covers the structure and is lower than the surrounding properties. The pit itself should also be big enough to contain the precast soakaway structure as well as back fill, side fill and a base. A pipe connects to an entry point on the soakaway to ensure all excess water flows inside. Once filled, any excess water will flow into the pipe and down into the soakaway where it will drain into the soil.

Benefits of Concrete Soakaways

There are several reasons why precast concrete is effective for soakaways:


At JKH we manufacture a range of precast soakaways. We can custom make each soakaway to your own unique needs. Each soakaway chamber can hold up to 14400 litres of water and comes with a cover slab rated from 40 kN to 170 kN maximum axle load. In addition, we also stock a range of precast concrete products including drainage outfalls, memorial bases, concrete posts and other structures. With over 50 years in the industry we pride ourselves on our high quality bespoke solutions for our customers as well as superior customer service. To find out more about our range of soakaway chambers we encourage you to get in contact with us today.

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