To protect the end of your drainage pipe from the effects of discharging water, you need to have the right drainage outfalls. Drainage outfalls help guard the pipe and adjacent structures from erosion or damage from water pressure. They also increase the efficiency of the drainage pipes, directing the flow of water whilst reducing turbulence. Outfalls can vary based on material used as well as overall design. As such, it is important to make sure that the outfall you choose is the right one for your project. Read on to learn more about the range of outfalls that JKH Drainage can offer you.

Types of Drainage Outfalls For Smaller Projects

concrete headwall

• Small General Purpose Headwall GRC – This outfall features a 90mm pipe opening with knockout web for 125 and 190mm sizes. This outfall can be generally used where the batter angle is 45 degrees or more. In addition, optional galvanised steel gratings are available.

• Curve Back General Purpose Headwall – A variation on the general purpose headwall, made for areas where drain water enters the course at an angle. A masonry disc cutter forms the pipe opening in the required spot and at the correct size.

• Kwikfit Headwall – Designed for any multiple outfall system. Curved rear walls allow for easy connection to drainage pipes up to 150mm in size. In addition, strong anchor lugs on the sides and a splash plate reduce the force of the flow.

• Double Ended Dyketector Headwall – Designed to transfer water from the drainage pipe directly to the channel, avoiding erosion of the embankment. The splash plate located at ditch bottom and the geo-textile attached to the side flanges securely anchors the headwall. Designed for pipes up to 700mm above ditch bottom.

• Single Ended Dyketector Headwall – A modifiable variation on the double ended model. This headwall connects with pipes over 700mm from ditch bottom. The Dyketector splash plate joins separately at the end. Also, the two sections can be joined and extended with a Dyketector channel, with 1000mm and 600mm lengths.

Types of Drainage Outfalls For Larger Projects

• Larger General Purpose Headwall GRC – A larger version of the general purpose headwall, featuring a 200mm pipe opening. There is also a knockout web that allows for 300 and 360mm options. Suitable for use in small water courses with medium level flow. There is also an option for galvanised steel gratings.

• Type X Headwall – One-piece reinforced concrete headwall made to order for pipes up to 1400mm. Comes with stainless steel sockets for grating attachments and brackets for fixing in place.

• GRC 300 Series Headwall – One-piece glass reinforced cement headwall with 150mm pipe opening. Also comes with a knockout web that allows for 225 and 300mm pipe openings.

• Water Control Headwall – Pre-cast reinforced concrete headwall designed for controlling the water levels in farm dykes. Suitable for pipes of 1400mm in size, with wooden or aluminium stop logs for water control.

• 300/600/1000/2000 Series Headwall – One piece reinforced concrete headwalls designed for different pipe sizes, from 300 up to 2000mm.

Why Use JKH For Your Drainage Outfalls?

Since 1969, we at JKH Drainage have been providing effective and bespoke drainage units for a range of clients. We provide reinforced concrete drainage solutions that are built to last, while also being eco-friendly. For more details, check out our range of concrete drainage channel options. For perfect drainage outfalls for your next project, contact JKH Drainage today.

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