Not everybody has a use for culvert trash screens, but if you do, you’ll know just how essential they are. Because it’s so versatile and adaptable, steel grating is used by a number of industries in a range of situations. From water treatment to shelving, it’s a product that’s become indispensable for a wide range of sectors.

Here at JKH Ltd we’re specialists in the design and manufacture of gratings, silt traps, steelwork and more. We understand how vital these products are to organisations both large and small. That’s why we make sure that everything we supply is of the highest quality. Read on to discover more about where steel grating and culvert trash screens are used.

Common Applications for Steel Grating: Culvert Trash Screens to Loading Ramps


For drainage solutions and sump covers, steel grating is the go-to product. It can be fabricated to withstand either pedestrian or motorised traffic. At the same time, it allows the free flow of water or other liquids.


Catwalks can be found in all kinds of premises, from factories to theatres. They provide easy access to difficult areas, such as a lighting rig above a stage. Commonly fitted with handrails, they offer a safe and secure solution. Because it’s both strong and light, steel grating is a practical and cost-effective option for catwalks.

Special cranked grating

Cranked gratings

Watercourse and culvert trash screens are often in the form of cranked gratings. These prevent running water from becoming blocked by unwanted debris such as household waste or leaves.

Cranked and double cranked gratings are available in a range of sizes to suit every kind of situation. They can also be designed to include access hatches, ladders and catwalks. Commonly manufactured in several parts, they can be bolted together quickly and easily on site.


Steel grating is the ideal shelving material for storing a wide range of items. Because it allows the free flow of air, it’s especially suitable for the storage of perishable goods. It can also be fabricated to higher tolerances to store heavy parts or machinery.

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