When you have a drainage pipe designed to discharge water, it is best to install a headwall drainage outlet. Headwalls make sure that the water flow does not erode the pipe or any surrounding area. In addition, they provide support for bridges, roads and other structures while allowing water to pass through without any barriers. So, what places are you most likely to find the use of headwalls? Also, what are the main benefits of installing one? concrete headwall

What is Headwall Drainage?

A headwall is a small retaining wall built at the inlet or outlet of a storm water drainage pipe or culvert pipe. Industries put them in place to reduce any erosion to the pipe and surrounding area caused by the constant flow of water. They are designed to prevent the growth of plants around the pipe that may damage or block the flow. Headwalls are often made from precast concrete to ensure durability and long life, although other materials such as stone and plastic can be used. Headwalls often also include wing walls to direct water flow to the pipe and away from any soil.

Where Can We Find Headwall Drainage?

Headwalls are often found where drainage pipes flow into streams, ponds or other waterways. As retaining walls, they are often built to provide support for roadways and bridges, allowing water to flow under and protect the structure of both the pipe and road overhead. They are built into the side of slopes with concrete wings to protect the surrounding area from soil erosion. You may also find headwalls in areas that are prone to flooding, as they help to control and stabilise the flow of water that is discharged. In such cases, flow control attachments may also be applied to the drainage outlet.

Benefits of Headwall Drainage

How JKH Drainage Can Help

At JKH Drainage, we have over 30 years’ of experience making pre-cast concrete headwalls and other drainage products for our clients. We create custom solutions for any drainage problems, as well as supplying a range of standard products ready for delivery in 2-3 business days. We use a special glass-reinforced cement process that makes sure all concrete products are stronger and last longer. For more information on our range of concrete drainage headwall products, contact our expert team online or via phone. For the best quality concrete drainage solutions for your business, contact JKH Drainage today.

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